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fun with ableton & beatles & found sounds

I finally got around to playing with Ableton Live for more than 10 minutes the other weekend and came up with this.  It’s not really mixed, just pieced together… but see if you can recognize the beatles beats that are in there.  hint: there are 3 of ’em, and 2 come from the anthologies (the original recordings I made on my iPhone in various subway stations are also available if you want to mash ’em up with, say, groove 22).

subway recordings  by  bennettk

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Melodyne 2 changes everything

Peter Neubäcker

Doesn’t this guy just look like the kind of guy that would invent something crazy and completely game-changing?

This man is the creator of Melodyne, which has been one of the most creative and amazing pieces of music production software since it came out years ago.  I remember seeing a demo of it way back in… what was it, 2004?  I was at the Taxi convention (on behalf of Focusin) and the Melodyne demonstration simply blew me away.  Melodyne basically lets you treat audio signals like MIDI– that is, you can take a preexisting recording and it will separate musical and spoken events into, say, syllables, and you can manipulate them to  your heart’s content by changing their pitches, timings, and durations.

A number of other pieces of software let you do this (that’s why every piece of pop music on the radio has every single bit of imperfection sucked out of it- pitch and timing correction, baby- but that’s a story for another day).  However, while you could, say, cut up a guitar performance chord by chord, you couldn’t take each of those chords and look inside them and change their constituent notes.  And that’s exactly what Melodyne 2 and its ‘Direct Note Access’ (DNA) ability claims to do.

This is amazing stuff, kids.  Many, many very smart nerds have been trying to do this for a while (I met many of them while getting my Master’s) but as far as I know, none have come up with as successful an implementation as Melodyne’s.  Peter does say that you will probably have limited success in splitting a full recording back into its constituent  tracks (like if you wanted to pull out just the drums from your favorite Blink-182 recording… not that I’d want to do that) but… well, I know quite a few people that are salivating to see just how far this software can be pushed– I am one of them!

The picture of Peter links to a 14-minute video in which he describes what he’s been cooking up and how he’s done it (to some extent).  Enjoy.

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I am a sucker for pixar as well as good sound design, so the fact that Ben Burtt is doing the sound for Wall-E…. damn.

Also, thanks to Erik, here’s a video of what is most likely the only time a Beatle has ever performed A Day In The Life live… with an amazing surprise ending and Yoko Ono in the crowd strangely looking like Kim Jong Il.

And I found some links to the Sgt Pepper’s 40th anniversary stuff on BBC online here… or since I’m so nice I posted the radio broadcast with all the tracks and behind-the-scenes banter here. you’re welcome.

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I’m fairly positive that you’ll be able to add the iPhone 2 to this category in 25 minutes.

[update: HAVE.  had to replace image.  see subsequent post for stuff i did with it.]

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